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How To Obedience Train Your Puppy With the Rewards Systems

I can remember back in the day when I was just a pup. I didn’t know a whole lot of nothin’! I showed up on my Lady’s doorstep and was a greener than they come. But, my Lady was patient with me and showed me the way. We had special schoolin’ times when I learned how to do all kinds of things! It was, and still is, fun! Since then, I have watched the pups Ozzy and Brandi grow up and get their learnin’ too WOOF! Us pups like learnin’ new things and we sure do like pleasin’ my Lady! She makes it fun, like a game fer us! I’ll let her tell ya how to obedience train your puppy using rewards systems. Yep, them rewards are fun and good WOOF!

How To Obedience Train Your Puppy With the Rewards Systems

Harley, our cousin working on her recall commands.

Here’s my Lady to talk ta ya ’bout How To Obedience Train Your Puppy

New puppies bring tons of surprises, and learning how to obedience train your puppy with rewards systems will help everyone to adjust better. Rewards have worked for centuries with children, adults and animals to train behavior. As humans we work hard for our boss to receive a paycheck that is equal to our reward. The same principle applies to our puppies as we work with obedience training. By offering rewards for good behavior we are teaching them that good behavior is preferred.

Start with simple commands. Start with the very basic commands. Sit, lay, stand and similar are usually the first to start with. Once these simple commands are conquered it is much easier to increase and go on to more difficult commands. A great way to begin is to put a blanket, bed or pillow out and place the puppy on that item. When they try to get off, tell them to stop or stay. Continue putting them back and repeating until they begin to understand. Once they stay when you tell them to, reward them with one treat. This will show them their behavior is what brings rewards.

Reward only for appropriate behavior. Don’t reward your dog hoping it will encourage them to obey. Reward only for appropriate behavior in relation to a command. Make sure that all rewards come from only proper responses to your commands. Knowing how to obedience train your puppy with rewards systems is all about them only receiving the reward when they actually do as they are commanded.

Reward with words as well as food treats. Obedience training rewards systems are about more than just food or treats. They are all about rewarding with your words. Just like your child would need the build up of words, so will your pet. Associating things like, “good dog”, “good job”, “that a girl” with rewards will help them to know these are good words to hear. It will make them happy to obey when you encourage them not just with treats, but also with words.

When you are working to obedience train your puppy with rewards systems you have to watch and learn about their personality. Each pet is different and will require unique ways of training. While there are many standards in training puppies, you’ll find many things vary depending upon the puppy, their past experiences and how they interact with you on a regular basis.

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Jerry Marquardt

Monday 22nd of June 2015

I like your curriculum for obedience for the pups. It really would work and I am glad to see that you shared this with everyone.

angela smith

Saturday 20th of June 2015

these are some good training tips.if i ever get another puppy i will have to try these tips


Wednesday 10th of June 2015

I agree that positive reinforcement is key. Its amazing how fast they learn and how happy they are when given that. I find that sometimes treats are as much of a distraction as a help. That isn't to say that you shouldn't use treats though.


Tuesday 9th of June 2015

Those are great tips. My dog is not a puppy anymore but we always have training treats on hand for learning new tricks!

Dianne Messina

Monday 8th of June 2015

Harley is our first dog. We did a training session to train us as well as the dog. I've notices that Harley is happier when she has rule and a bit of order to her day.

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