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Pet Parents Waterproof Pawtect Blankets: The Best in Comfort & Protection

If there is one thing we like more than yummy dog treats and playin’ outside, it is layin’ up in the house snoozin’ in a pile of our new snuggly waterproof Pawtect blankets.

With so many of us, my Lady makes sure we all have a comfy bed and lots of snuggly blankets. But, I use to hear her fussin’ ’bout keepin’ up with stains, wet messes, and loads of laundry.

I’ve got to tell you though! All the messes come from the new pups in trainin’ and my senior sisters with the leaky problems. Not nary a thing to do with me so I would just keep my eyes closed and keep on snoozin’ WOOF!

Pet Parents Waterproof Pawtect Blankets: The Best in Comfort & Protection

A while back, and as my Lady usually does when faced with a problem, she hunted down a solution to help her get a grip on them loads of soggy blankets and beds.

What she found were these nifty Waterproof Pawtect Blankets from Pet Parents! We should have known they would have a solution because we LOVE Pet Parents washable dog diapers and belly bands too!

Pet Parents Waterproof Pawtect Blankets in slate and brown


Now, I know what you are thinkin’ – a blanket is a blanket, right? Wrong!

These pawsome blankets are so cozy you just want to melt into them…sigh. But, the most important part, AND the solution to my Lady’s stains and laundry problem, is the waterproof design!

Tan German Sheperd Lab mix laying on a slate colored Pet Parents Waterproof Pawtect Blanket

Of course, she still has to wash the Pawtect blanket when it gets peed on BUT all the blankets and bed or couch underneath it stay nice and dry! She doesn’t have to spend her day washing big loads of blankets and dog beds, or trying to dry out a couch cushion or vehicle seat!

I know a good blanket when I see one, but seein’ as to how I know nothin’ ’bout laundry or stains, lemme fetch my Lady to tell ya ’bout the new Pawtect Waterproof Blankets and how they can help you and your best friend! 

Black German Shepherd Lab Mix and Rat Terrier laying on a Pet Parents Waterproof Pawtect Blanket

Here’s what my Lady says about the Waterproof Pawtect Blankets from Pet Parents

When it comes to dogs, I have pretty much run the gamut on messes. From puppies in potty training to senior dogs with incontinence issues and other types of accidents in between. I won’t gross you out with details of the “in-between” accidents 🙂

Pitbull pup sleeping ona Pawtect Waterproof Blanket
Shoosh! Please don’t wake the furbaby!

My newest pups are now a year old, but the mornings of waking up to wet crate pads and dog beds were enough to make you want to pull the cover back over your head.

Not only were all their blankets wet, so was the crate pad or dog bed they were laying on. In turn, those messes created washer fulls of laundry. Not the way anyone wants to spend their day!

And, what about those snuggly movie nights. You may remember my senior girl Sallie that had incontinence problems in her later years. My sweet girl has now gone on to Rainbow Bridge but she was the very best couch snuggler!

We spent many hours being couch potatoes and watching our latest shows. However, without, or even with a dog diaper, inevitably, a warm sensation would alert you to a mess in the making. Poor sweet girl!

It wasn’t her fault and I only wish I had a Pet Parents Pawtect Waterproof Blanket when she was with me. Sometimes the simplest of things can make a world of difference!

Brown Pet Parents Waterproof Pawtect Blanket

What are Waterproof Pawtect Blankets

Quite simply, if you have pets, Pawtect waterproof blankets are a MUST-HAVE!

These stylish blankets are super soft and cozy but at the same time, 100% waterproof, making them slobber, water, and urine proof!

Black German Shepherd Lab Mix laying on a Pet Parents Waterproof Pawtect Blanket
It’s been a LONG day! Lucky for me, I have a snuggly Pawtect Blanket from Pet Parents to snuggle into!

Pet Parents new Pawtect blankets are perfect for your bed, couch, favorite chair, car, or anywhere else your pet likes to hang out! They are cozy, snuggly, waterproof, and if you are wondering – they DO NOT make a crinkly sound!

Not only are these pet blankets perfect for protecting furniture, but they are unmatched at protecting your cuddle time with your furbaby.

The blankets are machine washable so if your pet does have an accident, there is easy cleanup! They come out of the laundry just as soft, if not softer than they went in!

Pawtect Blanket Special Features

How Does the Pawtect Waterproof Blanket Work?

The blankets have an inner lining of WickQuick which draws the moisture into the dog blanket. This protects against liquid puddles on top which would normally slide and/or spill out on other blankets.

Once the moisture is drawn in, Pawtect blankets have an Edgeguard technology that prevents any liquid from escaping and pushes it back into the waterproof dog blanket.

The Sherpup fabric then ensures that moisture in the blanket won’t seep out because of its waterproof impermeable barrier.

All the features of the Pawtect blanket work in unison to keep your furbaby dry, comfortable, and cozy while protecting your furniture, bed, or dog beds!

Pet Parents Waterproof Pawtect Blankets

Stylish, Soft & Cozy, with 3 Sizes

Pawtect waterproof blankets are made with specially created faux fur fabric and a Sherpup multi-layered fabric which not only ensures moisture won’t seep through but makes them irresistibly soft and comfortable!

The blankets come in two neutral stylish colors – Slate and Chocolate which go wonderfully with any decor. 

Heeler-Pit mix sleeping in a crate
Pawtect Waterproof Blankets work wonderfully in crates!

Pawtect waterproof blankets come in 3 sizes:

  • Small – 24″x32″ – perfect for small dogs, cats, and other small furbabies
  • Medium – 32″x40″ – works great for dog beds and crates.
  • Large – 50″x60″ – perfect as a stylish throw for your couch, bed, etc. Your pet may even share it with you if you ask nicely 🙂

Is your dog woofing for a cozy Pawtect blanket yet? The better question is, are you ready to control the messes while giving your pet the gift of super-soft comfort and more cuddle time with you?

Pawtect waterproof blankets are a great AND inexpensive solution to help you stop spending time cleaning up stains, messes, and doing laundry so you can spend more time doing important things like snuggling or playing with your pet!

Hurry and get your PAWSOME Pawtect Waterproof Blankets today! And, they just became available on Amazon!


Dorothy Boucher

Wednesday 13th of October 2021

I really love that they put a lot of thought into the design on this blanket, my daughters dogs would love one. @tisonlyme143

Debbie P

Tuesday 20th of April 2021

I am getting oneof these for my girl. Thanks for this review.

Rhonda Tenderholt

Wednesday 20th of January 2021

Thank you for the review of this cozy looking blanket. I wish I had found it before buying our more expensive one that we put on our sons bed while he's at college and the dogs sleep on his bed.

Melissa Storms

Tuesday 19th of January 2021

I need to look into one of these for my cat. Our chihuahua has a similar blanket and her and the cat kind of fight over it. My Tao loves kneading the fuzzy side.

Sarah L

Tuesday 19th of January 2021

Those look like great blankets to get comfy on and protect what's below.

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