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Why would your dog ever be in need of a diaper?

Anyone who has a fur baby will probably be able to relate to all the unpredictable times of pooping and peeing. Some pet parents have their dogs well potty trained. But the others that still face this dilemma thought that there is a great need to avoid all the messy cleanups at home. Ah! Dog diapers!

Do you feel like your dog is in need of a diaper?

Here are several reasons why they might.

Why would your dog ever be in need of a diaper

Urinary/Fecal Incontinence

This is when your dog loses control of his urinary/excretory system and can longer control his urge to pee or poop.

This is caused by hormonal imbalance, urinary tract infection (UTI), prostate disorders, congenital abnormalities, and certain medications.

Urinary incontinence begins with just small leaks but if this is not treated immediately, the condition will worsen and will lead to large amounts of dripping urine.

Submissive Peeing

Submissive peeing happens when your dog is being greeted, being punished or when there is a history of an unpleasant experience after peeing.

This type of peeing is often observed as a psychological effect in rescued dogs, shelter dogs, and dogs who lack confidence.

Female Dogs in Heat

Putting pee and poop aside, dog diapers for female dogs in heat are also a great use case.

This way, it will prevent your female dog from licking her swollen vulva.

Not mentioning it will also keep your home clean from the bloody discharge that comes with the cycle and the frequent urination.


Pyometra is a uterine infection in female dogs.

This happens as a result of hormonal changes in your female dog’s reproductive tract.

The high progesterone level will cause a thick lining around the uterus and this will become an ideal environment for bacteria.

A dog with pyometra will urinate more often and it is possible that blood-tinged pus will drain from your dog’s vulva in an extensive manner.

Gastrointestinal (GI) Upset

Dogs can also experience digestive disorders from time to time.

This results in discomfort for your dog and a totally messy clean-up for you. Commonly diagnosed conditions are the following:

  • Acute Gastroenteritis: Inflammation of the GI tract
  • Colitis: Inflammation of the lining of the colon that is usually caused by parasites (whipworms)
  • Pancreatitis: Inflammation of the pancreas
  • Small Intestine Malabsorption: Inflammation of the small intestine that impairs nutrient absorption

Post Operation Cover Up

In case your dog undergoes an operation, he may still feel weak for a couple of weeks and is unable to go out for his potty time.

Dog diapers will be of great help to his speedy recovery.

Instead of your fur baby feeling ashamed by wearing the “cone of shame”, you can use a dog diaper to cover up the incisions.

They are far more comfortable to lay in than a plastic cone and when it’s time to eat or drink you don’t have to worry about taking that cone off!

Diapers are also great to cover and prevent licking or biting of the incisions.

Just make sure to check frequently and clean the area to prevent any possible infections.


What kind of diaper should you get for your fur baby?

There are several diaper options in the market today.

  • Disposable Dog Diapers
  • Washable Dog Diapers
  • Suspender diapers

We suggest washable dog diapers.

Always keep in mind the cost, quality, and efficiency of the diaper you are going to use for your dog.

Getting used to will take some time but there are great diaper brands in the market that have no “crinkly” or uncomfortable texture and will help increase your dog’s comfort and acceptance.

Being washable makes cleaning up messes easier all while being more environmentally friendly and saving you money.

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