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Puppy Signs: 4 Ways Your Dog is Trying to Tell You That It isn’t Feeling Well

Your dog is a member of the family. The health of an animal can change in the blink of an eye whether it’s from eating something that upsets the body to being bitten by something while outside. When your dog isn’t feeling well, there are signs that you might notice so that you can be proactive instead of letting your furry friend become sicker over time:

Puppy Signs 4 Ways Your Dog is Trying to Tell You That It isn't Feeling Well

Puppy Signs: 4 Ways Your Dog is Trying to Tell You That It isn’t Feeling Well

Look For Lethargy

If your dog is typically running from one end of the house to another and then decides to lounge on the couch all day without moving around, then it could be an indication that the dog is sick. Pay attention to the length of time that it takes for the dog to get from one area of the home to another as this could mean that he doesn’t have the energy to walk, even if it’s to get food. If the dog is lethargic, then it’s sometimes best to call a vet, like those at the Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital, to see if you can get an appointment before the dog gets dehydrated from not going to the water bowl.

Watch the Food Bowl

Most dogs enjoy eating at least twice a day. If the food dish stays full, then it means that your dog isn’t eating like normal. The dog might have an upset stomach that prevents him from not wanting to eat anything. If the dog does eat but vomits shortly after or if you see any signs of swelling in the abdomen, then it’s time to see a vet to get a diagnosis. Sometimes, it’s as simple as the dog eating something outside of the normal diet, but there are situations where a virus or bacteria is present that needs to be treated.

Check the Breathing

Look for labored breathing. Your dog shouldn’t be struggling to catch his breath. If he doesn’t feel well, then the dog will usually exhibit a wheezing sound or present with gagging that makes it difficult to breathe. Sometimes, the changes in breathing are so subtle that you don’t notice them until they’re severe.

Clean Up the Poo

One of the ways that your dog will alert you to something being wrong is that there will be a change in the way that he defecates. It could be a subtle change, like not defecating on a normal schedule or something that is a little more obvious, such as the dog having diarrhea. Pay attention to each stool to look for blood or any other signs that something is wrong. The smell is also an indication that there could be a virus present.

When your dog is sick, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong. The best thing to do is monitor the dog’s condition, seeking treatment when necessary. Make the dog as comfortable as possible with a soft place to sleep and food that is easy on the digestive tract.

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