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Tether Tug Dog Toy for Endless Hours of Play and Exercise!

We have been cooped up in the house for what seems like forever now! Why? That water that falls out of the sky has been fallin’ here for what seems like forever! I was startin’ to think we would need a life vest to go outside WOOF! To make matters worse, I don’t like gettin’ my feet wet. But, just like my Lady said, the rain finally stopped. And, when it did, we got to try out that new Tether Tug dog toy my Lady got us!

Tether Tug Dog Toy for Endless Hours of Play and Exercise!

Brandi and Ozzy had been sittin’ on ready, waitin’ on the day they could give it a try. And, that big ole boy Seager weren’t far behind em! And, if’n ya be askin’ me – he’s the one that’s a needs extra exercise. But, that’s none of my business, so I’ll just mosey on over here and let my Lady do the tellin’ WOOF!

Here’s what my Lady says about the Tether Tug Dog Toy!

Y’all know by now that I have a pack of furry 4-legged best friends! Seven dogs to be exact! Six of them are large working breeds. My dogs are the loves of my life and apparently I am theirs, because they hang out at my feet all day. Of course, we go for daily outside time, several times a day. We try to get enough exercise in, but for large working breed dogs that isn’t always possible. With 6 of them and only one of me, throwing enough balls to keep them all running is darn hard work! Actually, I think I get more exercise than they do!

When I saw the Tether Tug dog toy my first thought was YES!!! I knew immediately it would be a hit! This simple, yet brilliant dog toy, would not only entertain the pups, it would give them their much needed exercise and save my poor arm! It would expend some of that pent up energy and help shed some unwanted packed on pounds!

But, before I tell you more about the Tether Tug, let me introduce you to the company. I am very impressed with them and would love for you to know more about them!

About Tether Tug

Tether Tug is a small company in the southwest corner of Missouri. Their office is filled with animal lovers (to be exact, they all have 9 dogs, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, some sort of lizard thing, and 4 horses!). They all wanted to find a way to help their dogs play more often and for longer periods of time than their arms could last.

Each of their Tether Tugs is handmade, every phone call and email is answered in their walls by their staff, and they want to make sure that our dogs love their toy. They don’t want to be the biggest dog toy company in the USA, but are working really hard to be the best.

Tether Tug Dog Toy Installation

The Tether Tug dog toy comes with two pieces – the actual pole, with rope attached and the pipe. Just hammer the pipe into the ground and then place the Tether Tug into it. Easy peasy installation! It is now ready for the rough and rowdy crowd!

We have the UBER size Tether Tug

For my large breed dogs, I got the UBER Tether Tug because it is designed for dogs over 100 pounds and for dogs that are ultra-strong pullers. I have a German Shepherd, German Shepherd/Lab mixes, Australian Shepherd, Pit/Heeler mix and a Rottie mix. They are all around the 100 pound mark, except the Rottie mix, and they all have major pulling strength!

The difference in the UBER’s rope and the XL Tether Tug is that it is almost 40% thicker. All the Tether Tugs are held in the ground by a huge, sturdy in-ground base. The fun thing about the Tether Tug is that the rod allows a 360 degree turning ability! This means the dog can chase the rope completely round the pole before catching it to begin the tug-of-war.

Physical Activity + Exercise = Healthy, Bright, Happy Dogs!

While my dogs are large working breed dogs, it is hard to pull them away from my feet. They have a tendency to lay up in the house snoozing all day, unless I literally go with them and throw balls for them to fetch. Needless to say, without physical activity, they not only pack on pounds, they are bored. And, we all know that bored dogs can cause a lot of mischief!

Not enough exercise is also unhealthy for them! Large breed and working breed dogs need at least 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise daily to tone their muscles, help their bodies and metabolic systems to function correctly, to stay healthy and to engage their minds. I was excited for the Tether Toy because it is enticing enough to get them up and active on their own!

The pups get instructions for the Tether Tug Dog Toy!

Tether Tug Dog Toy - Instructions from Dad

Of course the pups need instructions from Dad!

Brandi looks interested and says she has it down and poor Ozzy just thinks Dad has lost his mind! I have to agree! He did look a little silly trying to demonstrate! I’m pretty sure the pups could have figured it out! They were sitting on ready, waiting on Dad to stop playing and let them have a turn!

Tether Tug Dog Toy for Endless Hours of Play and Exercise!

Let the Tether Tug Game Begin!

True to her word, Brandi knew exactly what to do with the Tether Toy dog toy! She went right to work pulling, tugging, and chasing!

Tether Tug Dog Toy for Endless Hours of Play and Exercise!

Seager and Maggie were noticing the happenings from across the yard and came running to see what was up! Seager is one of the main reasons for the new dog toy. We adopted Seager a couple of years ago. He came to us underweight and with heartworms. Throughout his painful heartworm treatment, which lasted for months, he was on strict bed rest and leash walks. No exercise for months is pretty much a guarantee for gaining weight and boredom! Needless to say, the weight piled on and he is now overweight. Just like with us humans, once you have the extra padding, it is darn hard to lose it! We are hoping the Tether Tug is going to be Seager’s magic bullet for working off a few of those excess pounds!

Tether Tug Dog Toy for Endless Hours of Play and Exercise!

So far, so good! Seager loves the new Tether Tug! He, and Brandi, spend most of their outside time running around and around, tugging and pulling! It has been the best dog toy to get him up and active!

Tether Tug Dog Toy for Endless Hours of Play and Exercise!

Brandi loves it so much that Ozzy has to make her let Seager play for a while! Ozzy is the peace keeper of the pack and makes sure everyone plays fair.

Tether Tug Dog Toy for Endless Hours of Play and Exercise!

Ozzy joins in the play by following Seager around and around the pole. He waits until the Tether Tug rope goes flying and then he gives chase. He seems to like to chase the flying rope, but loses interest once he has it. On the other hand, Seager likes the tugging and pulling action.

Meanwhile, Maggie is still searching for the darn squirrel that got away! Maggie is not a dog toy girl. Toys have never been a big interest to her. She prefers training games and she holds out for chasing the real thing, as in squirrels and rabbits. That’s just Maggie for you!

Tether Tug is great for our senior girl Sallie!

Tether Tug Dog Toy for Endless Hours of Play and Exercise!

After setting up the Tether Tug for all the pups, we noticed Sallie watching from her resting place under the big shade tree. Sallie is a true dog toy lover and she was gazing longingly at the activity. However, Sallie can no longer play in the mix with the rest of the pups and doesn’t try. She is a big girl in her own right, but they all outweigh her and she is much shorter than they are. Add that to her age of 12 wise years and her arthritic hips and elbows, it is a recipe for an accident to happen.

Tether Tug Dog Toy for Endless Hours of Play and Exercise!

Sallie gets a chance to play with Tether Tug Dog Toy too!

Most days, Sallie is happy to enjoy the fresh air and watch the world go by. Knowing how much she loves her ball and rope toys, we had to find a way for her to enjoy the Tether Tug too. After giving it a bit of thought, my hubs had another pipe (the part that is hammered into the ground) just like the one that came with the Tether Toy. So, we took it outside the fenced in area, where the bigger dogs were, and set up another spot for her to play. She could enjoy the Tether Tug and not worry about getting trampled.

Tether Tug Dog Toy for Endless Hours of Play and Exercise!

Sallie knew immediately knew what to do with it! She chased it down, grabbed and gave it a good shake! And, in case you are wondering, the UBER size Tether Tug is the perfect size for her too.  She may be a smaller rottie mix, but that little round body packs a punch! She clamps down, plants her feet and can pull with the best of them! She is a force to be reckoned with when she is in “kill rope” mode! Once the rope is in that strong grip, it is shaken to death! Then, she drops it, but it swings off again. Of course, she can’t resist grabbing it again!

Tether Tug Dog Toy for Endless Hours of Play and Exercise!

Sallie had a field day pulling and tugging with the new Tether Tug. She played until she tired out. I am pleased because that is more exercise than my old girl has had in a while! With her age and health issues, exercise is something we struggle with for her. I don’t push her. I allow her play at her own rate. I like the Tether Tug for her because it isn’t a full out run like chasing a ball, but still fun exercise and play. She can control the rate at which she moves! Brilliant!

The Tether Tug has earned a coveted spot right along with her beloved ball! From the moment I saw her looking so longingly at the new dog toy I knew she was going to love it. I was right! After a lengthy play, my senior girl was plain tuckered out! She was ready for a nice cool drink and long nap under the air conditioner in the house.

Check out this short fun video about the Tether Tug!


The Tether Tug comes in these sizes:

  • Puppy/Mini Tether Tug – under 15lbs
  • Original Tether Tug – small to medium sized dogs between 15-35lbs
  • Large Tether Tug – dogs between 35-60 lbs and for strong pulling breeds less than 35 lbs
  • XL Tether Tug – strong pulling dogs under 60 lbs and most dogs between 60-99 lbs, although Pit Bulls, Rotts, and German Shepherds should check out the UBER size.
  • Uber Tether Tug – Recommended for dogs over 100 lbs and all Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and other aggressive pullers.
  • They also have a Tether Tug for indoor play!

Tired Dogs = Good Dogs!

Tired Dogs = Good Dogs!

After Sallie went in for a nap, we moved the Tether Tug back to the other end of the yard, so the pups could play a while longer. They immediately pounced on it again – running, romping, pulling and tugging! Finally, with tongues hanging out, they gave it a rest. Brandi was staying close by to make sure the Tether Tug didn’t disappear again! I think we can safely say, they are having a blast with their new Tether Tug dog toy!

With all the pups thoroughly played out, it was time to call it a day. While the Tether Tug pipe stays in place below the ground, the Tether Tug pole and toy can stay in place or be removed and stored for the next play day.

All Paws Up for the Tether Tug Dog Toy!

All the pups, and I, are in LOVE with the Tether Tug Dog Toy! It has provided endless hours of play! It also provides much needed exercise, which in turn helps keep the dogs at optimum weight. It is also helping my two overweight furbabies (Seager and Sallie) lose the unwanted pudge! In addition, it keeps their mind active! Anyone that is owned by a dog will tell you that a tired dog is a happy good dog and that is so true!

Do you have a dog that is destroying things? Chewing issues? Maybe they are bored and need the extra exercise and stimulation! Keeping dogs’ active and expending their pent up energy goes a long way in turning them into happy obedient house members 🙂 A great workout solves a lot of problem behaviors that are caused by boredom.

Where can you purchase this pawsome dog toy?

You can find this fun interactive dog toy on the Tether Tug website! They also have different toys such as the Big Knot Rope, Mega Braid Rope, Braided Fleece Tether Toy, Knotted Ropes and Tennis Ball Toys that can be used with the Tether pole! Don’t wait! Your pooch is already daydreaming of chasing that flying rope!

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Daniel Scott

Tuesday 28th of June 2016

What a great toy. My dog loves to tug so I know this would keep him busy and engaged. I like that they have different sizes so one can get the perfect toy for their dog.


Tuesday 28th of June 2016

Loos like a great to

Cynthia Mercado

Tuesday 28th of June 2016

This looks like so much fun for my dog. They get exercise and strengthen their teeth,

Richard Hicks

Tuesday 28th of June 2016

This is really a great toy for the dogs. Ours would love it and they get lots of exercise

Blessed Assurance

Tuesday 28th of June 2016

This. would be good for dogs that do not get out much because their owners do not like to socialize. Maybe the dog walker could help engage the dog.

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