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Luxepets Collars, Leashes, Charms & More #Review #ChristmasMM15

Review Disclosure

Y’all know I have a little sister right? Little as in – a good hard breeze might blow her away kind of little! Even her name is Little Bit! She might be little, but she is a bossy little thing! She’s always a yappin’ ’bout somethin’ and she can wrestle with the best of us. Obviously, she’s never looked in a mirror! She don’t know she is only 7 pounds and us big dogs could have her for a snack if we wanted to. She thinks she is a Great Dane and trys to take us all on WOOF! She’s loves to wrestle, and torment, Brandi especially! It’s kind fun to watch — like a sqeeter buzzin’ round Brandi’s head. Brandi will pounce and grab her by the collar and then hold her down with her big paw and watch her squirm. It’s a funny sight I tell ya! Needless to say, her collars take a beatin’! They get all straggled and ugly and that just won’t do for the little Diva princess! She went yappin’ to my Lady ’bout needin’ a new collar. She wanted a fancy one with diamonds on it. If’n ya ask me, she’s gettin’ just to uppity for her own good WOOF! But, low and behold, my Lady done went and got her a right nice lookin’ collar, with a leash to match, from a place called Luxepets! Them Luxepets collars are snazzy alright and Little Bit has done went and got the big head sure nuff!

Luxepets Collars, Leashes, Charms & More #Review #ChristmasMM15

My Lady ain’t foolin’ me none though. I know them ain’t real diamonds, but it sure looks like it and Little Bit thinks they are. She preens around in her new necklace like she is the Queen of England! Oh, and she also got a Guardian Angel charm to keep her safe. Yep, she’s gonna need that charm if she keeps acting like she’s better than the rest of us ’round here! Let me ’round up my Lady to tell ya ’bout Little Bit’s new collar, leash, and charm.

This is what my Lady had to say about the Luxepets Collars, Leashes, and Charms

Miss Molly is a pickle isn’t she? But, she is right. Little Bit is our little Diva dog, but at the same time she is tough as nails! At only 7 pounds she will jump into a wrestling match with the 100 pound dogs and think nothing of it. She is fearless! But, her collars do take a beating! She is quick as lightening and I guess the collar is the only thing the big dogs can grab hold of when they play.

Anyway, it was time for a new one. I found the cutest collar and leash combo for her at Luxepets! They also offer cute inspirational charms and I couldn’t resist getting her one of those too! Let’s check them out!

Luxepets Collars, Leashes, Charms & More #Review #ChristmasMM15

Jackie O Single Row Dog Collar and Matching Leash

I chose the Jackie O Single Row Dog Collar for Little Bit in black. Luxepets also offers double row collars, but Little Bit is so tiny I thought the collar with a single row of crystals would be the perfect one. The collar is 3/8″ wide and the leather is soft as butter. It has silver finish hardware and comes in sizes: 8”, 10”, 12″

It also has a matching 4′ leash. The leather of the leash is also soft as butter and has matching crystals close to the hand hold.

Luxepets Pet Charms #Review #ChristmasMM15

Guardian Angel Antique Silver Pet Charm

I couldn’t resist getting her one the inspirational tags from Luxepets. If anyone needs a guardian angel, it is Little Bit. She is so daring! Living in a house with 6 giant dogs and showing them daily that she is the one that rules the roost – well, let’s just say her guardian angel has their work cut out for them! While I don’t believe the big dogs will hurt her intentionally, I worry about accidents with her tiny little bones.

While they have an assortment, I chose the Guardian Angel Antique Silver Pet Charm for her. It is 7/8″ (22mm) in size and is lead free with an antique silver finish. It comes with a ring to attach to their collar. The charms and it’s ring are small, but works perfectly with the small collar. I’m not sure it would fit on a large dogs collar, but they can also be used on key rings and as a pendant.

Luxepets Collars, Leashes, Charms & More #Review #ChristmasMM15

The super spoiled Little Bit, resting in her pile of fluff, is gracing us with a good look at her new necklace and charm. The Jackie O Single Row Dog Collar and the Guardian Angel Antique Silver Pet Charm are PERFECT for her! Her collar is simply adorable!

Luxepets Collars, Leashes, Charms & More #Review #ChristmasMM15

Little Bit loves her Luxepets Collar and Matching Leash

She also loves her new leash! She appreciates that is it lightweight! Now she has her own special leash just for her! Before, I would use one of the big dog’s leashes and they were big and cumbersome for her, especially the hardware. With her new leash from Luxpets, she is happy and smiling!

Luxpets offers pet Collars, Harnesses, Leashes, Inspirations Tags, St. Francis and Religious Charms, and Pet Sympathy Gifts. I love the Pet Sympathy gifts! For pet owners, we know our pets are part of our family. When we lose a beloved furbaby, it’s like losing a part of ourselves. When friends or family lose a pet we don’t always know what to do for them. Luxpets has sympathy cards and memory candles for dogs and cats that are perfect for gifting and letting them know you are thinking of them and are there for support if needed. Luxepets also offers pet loss support and resources!

We love the quality and the look of Luxepets collars and leashes and of course they are made in the USA! One thing to note is that the collars are for smaller dogs, as the largest I saw was 14″. Luxpets pet collars, leashes, tags, and charms would make great gifts for our furry friends! Check them out today online at Luxepets!

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Christina Strapp Lambert

Monday 14th of December 2015

I am loving the collar and leash sets. They look like very nice quality and very nice and stylish looking.

Sandra Watts

Monday 14th of December 2015

They are nice collars, I wish they had a wider selection of tags though.

Daniel Scott

Monday 14th of December 2015

I like that there are Pet Sympathy gifts for those that are missing beloved pets this season.

Laurie Nykaza

Monday 14th of December 2015

Guardian Angel Charm is so nice love to have them for my 3 dogs .


Monday 14th of December 2015

She sure fits the role of princess in her styling collar. Like your choice.

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